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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Halloween Scream Nail Art

I love Halloween but I hate horror/slasher movies, not because I'm scared of watching them but I just don't get any pleasure in watching someone screaming, being chased and then killed. I remember watching Wolf Creek and thinking why did I pay to watch some poor girl having her spine being ripped out of her? Anyway saying that I have watched most of the horrors that have come out in the past and today I have been inspired to do a mani by one of them. I'm not going to win marks for originality here but what do you think of these Halloween appropriate nails?

Ghostface and blood splatter
My first attempt at creating splatter using a straw didn't go to plan but it's ok I guess!
I'm going to try to do more Halloween nails but at the moment most of my time is being spent researching for my dissertation :-(


  1. these are so awesome... but freaky, ahahah :P

  2. I love them, they're VERY original!

  3. I really enjoyed creating this mani but it did scare me a little LOL!

  4. These are really awesome! Am a new follower!

  5. This is so awesome! You're so talented. :)

  6. The one nail looks like the mask used in "Scream" LOL I think they came out great!!!