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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Halloween - Mrs Röntgen's Nails!

Hey guys and hello to my new readers. Today I want to share with you a manicure that has been inspired by what I do for at least 8 hours each day! My bf says they look like keyholes (and something rude) but I'm sure you guys have way more imagination... Hope you like them and give them a go for Halloween!

***may not be anatomically accurate!
Definitely dashed my dreams of being a hand model... LOL
Just in case you are completely lost, they're supposed to be the distal phalanges aka bones in the fingertips!!


  1. Great idea! Love that first photo!

  2. I admit I had the same thought of your bf at first: keyholes!
    About Kiko: I'd highly recomment 346 if you like greens, it's so unusual. And then 245 is my favourite (shimmery purple). There's 320 which is a mauve, supposed to be a dupe to ChG Below Deck. That kind of colour tends to be a little boring to me but the formula of that one was oh amazing! 7 days long and I removed it because I was sick of wearing the same colour but it had no chip yet! In general, I think the colours from 310 up which are last spring's collection have an overall better formula than the older ones.