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Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful break and feel refreshed and ready for the new year! I'm still trying to tackle the mountains of work I have to do but I thought I take a moment to thank PtiteMeve over at All Things Meve Love for nominating me for this award. It's very sweet of you and it's nice to know people actually enjoy reading the drivel I produce!

If anyone wants to take part this is what you have to do:
With this award, you thank the person who nominated you, state 7 things about yourself and pass it on to 15 other blogs.

7 things about me

1. I have a few friends on my degree course who know I'm a bit obsessed with nail polish and they too like to make their nails look pretty BUT they don't know I have this blog! I'm too embarrassed to tell them.

2. Since I was a child I've always been into art. I used to draw and still do sometimes and I take pictures. My first degree was in fashion photography. We're not talking Vogue or Mario Testino type shots as I specialised in more fine art. Think Joel Meyerowitz but not as good!

3. At college I was a bit of a metal head. I played the drums in a heavy metal band (we only ever played in my parents' garage). I still listen to 'metal' when I need a bit of motivation but I listen to all sorts. But in case you were wondering Tool is my favourite band.

4. So I mentioned my first degree, well I'm currently in my final year of my second degree which is in diagnostic radiography, that's x-rays, CT, MRI etc etc in case you didn't know. I always argue that radiography is like photography but only taking pictures of the inside!

5. I used to be obsessed with David Duchovny when The X-Files was on. I would walk home from school hoping he would be on my doorstep LOL!!! I'm sure somewhere I still have a folder full of posters and clippings which I couldn't bear to throw when I was over him. HAHA

6. My dream job would be to present a children's art show, like Art Attack or SMART!

7. I'm going to the Maldives next year (fingers crossed) to celebrate finishing my degree and reaching old age LOL ok slight exaggeration.

Bloggers I want to tag:

This is a bit of a cop out but I want to tag all those who have a blog. You all deserve to have an award especially those new to blogging because it's not easy starting out when there are so many blogs out there!
Those who have a blog please post a comment on this post with a link so that I can follow you if I haven't done so already and to my regular reader please show some love by visiting these blogs!
And don't forget to check out PtiteMeve's blog too :-)


  1. I might do this tag too :)
    My friends from school always knew I was obsessed with makeup and skincare and nail polish and stuff, but I also never told them I have a blog, until the eventually found out (Lord knows how...) and they took it amazingly well, some of them are even my regular readers :)

    And if you haven't checked out my blog yet, here's the link in case you find time to stop by: :)


  2. I just wrote a post, like I said. :)