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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Color Club - Back to Boho Swatches

**Picture Heavy**
So keeping words to a minimum!

Those in the UK will know that Color Club Sets have been popping up in TK Maxx recently for a very reasonable £7.99. Since my last post I managed to find the other set so now that my collection is complete here are the swatches!


Set A
Nomadic Nude
Earthy Angel
New Bohemian
Shabby DrabRad Nomad
Red-ical Gypsy

Set B
Boho Mojo

Nouveau Vintage
Voodoo You DoArtsy CraftyBlue TopiaRebel Spirit


  1. Great Swatches. Love this collection. Saw OPI trio packs in tk maxx this week. Was so tempted to buy although I didn't as I'm also so broke ha ha :-)

  2. I spied those too but I managed to resist.
    I saw Servin' up sparkle and I lily love you and some pretty hideous browns. I read there have been other colours popping up so may hold out and do a tour of all the TK Maxx stores within the M25 LOL! £12.99 is still a little steep especially for colours you wouldn't miss if you didn't get them!

  3. I have Redical Gypsy, Blue topia and Artsy Crafty and LOVE them! They were my first try with Color Club-it really is a nice polish!

  4. Love these swtaches! My favorites are New Bohemian, Shabby Drab and Rad Nomad!

  5. I love absolutely every single one of these!!