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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Dutch 'Ya Love OPI?

OPI UK have hiked their prices up to 11 POUNDS for one bottle! ONE BOTTLE! For my American readers that's 17 USD. *sigh* Anyway I said to myself I didn't need and wouldn't buy any of the new polishes from the Holland collection because I thought my stash contained many of the colours in one form or another. WRONG! After looking at swatches again there were three that called out to me: Dutch 'Ya Love OPI?, Vampsterdam and  Gouda Gouda Two Shoes.

Luckily the first in the list was given to me as a late V-day pressie (along with DL Glitter in the Air) so technically I haven't broken my OPI no buy just yet!

Dutch' Ya Love OPI? Well yes I do (not the prices though)!
Red-toned grape with subtle gold shimmer doesn't sound like my cup of tea on paper but on my nails I am absolutely loving it. I think it's actually one of those polishes that look better on the nails than in the bottle.

Perfect quick drying formula that is opaque in two coats. Not the most glossy finish so could do with a top coat (pics without) if you want that extra shine or you could try a holographic top coat like I did!
Lights on!
 One coat of Hits Hefesto
Lights off!
Have you guys picked up any of the polishes from the Holland collection? If so which ones? yay or nay to the holo top coat?


  1. I love Hefesto! Beautiful top coat! I am sure some of us American polish lovers would be happy to do a swap to get you some OPIs w/out breaking your bank! :)

  2. None of the Holland collection polishes really appealed to me when I saw them in the bottle but you're right, it looks gorgeous on the nails :) Love it with the top coat too!

  3. this looks perfect on you!!

  4. I love both polishes. Great combo.

  5. Wonderful photos, great color indeed!