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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hits - Dreamer

This polish has well and truly quashed any yearning I had for the long discontinued SH Prism - Garnet Lapis. The multichromatic display on my nails has distracted me all day and even now as I type I'm not looking at the screen but at my nails! How on earth do they make polishes of such beauty and why the heck can't a UK brand make something like this? Yeah okay so Models Own released the Beetlejuice collection but it is nothing compared to the Hits Mari Moon line!

On to the swatches...
Blue/purple dominant colour
I resorted to using my really old half broken compact camera for the next lot of pics because for some reason it's much better at capturing multichrome polishes. Unfortunately it's also great at making my cuticles look ugly!
Bit too much cuticle oil.
Shifts from blue-purple-maroon-orange and a whole lot more in between!
The thick formula and fat brush with its wild bristles (might just be this bottle) meant I had a little trouble getting it to spread evenly which consequently meant I had to apply two generous coat. Because this polish contains the nasty chemicals it dries pretty fast and to a very high shine.

I want to thank Barbara over at for sending this to me! Look what you've started! I now want them all!


  1. I literally gasped when I first saw the photos - stunning shade! Duochromes are so pretty :)

  2. OMG this looks fantastic!!!!
    The last picture it´s just mind blowing.

  3. Stunning! Btw, I awarded you! Check it out and have fun!

    Please check out and follow my blog as well!